Cosmos Flushing recently unveiled Cledbel Sun Pack, which is a new type of a sun protecting item, launched last April, 2016 in South Korea. Cledbel Sun Pack has been making a record of having been sold out from one major TV home shopping network, and is already a big hit in South Korea, as  popular Korean celebrity Ko So-young is representing the brand as a spokesmodel for its' commercials.

Cledbel Sun Pack is SPF 50 PA +++(SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. The higher the number of SPF, the better it protects skin from sun exposure, in other words UV protection is stronger) and can be applied gently on facial surface, without any trouble of having extra greasiness or stickiness, and whiting out one’s natural skin color tone. In addition, even with its’ high SPF 50 PA +++ functionality, it gets cleansed easily by a light wash by water, thus it is suitable to use for all ages. Cledbel Sun Pack’s availability in a 'pack' form, unlike other existing sun blocks, offers an excellent portability for people, especially who are ahead of their summer vacations.

Cledbel Sun Pack is also certified by ECOCERT, which is an international certification, given out to naturally and organically proven cosmetic products. The extraction of organic ingredients help soothing and moisturizing skin, as well as improving skin radiance. We highly recommend to try this refreshing new product out to our customers, and see the difference.

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