HEURE H


   $2,425.00  $2,425.00
In 1996, Philippe Mouquet was inspired to turn the initial H into a watch. Crafted at the Hermès workshops, the Heure H watch's signature case marks a distinctively Hermès moment. The piece attaches to the wrist with interchangeable straps, also made by our in-house craftsmen.





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Timeless yet whimsical, the Cape Cod watch is in a class of its own. This was what Henri d’Origny had in mind when he designed it in 1991. Its case is a square inside a rectangle and the style of the numbers is a new take on the Chaîne d’Ancre pattern. Going against the grain of a now-iconic utilitarian object, this line of exacting elegance inspired Martin Margiela to design a double tour strap for the watch in 1998. Its modern style is enhanced by the Manufacture Hermès interchangeable straps.
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In 1975, the padlock clasp on the legendary Kelly bag became a timepiece of the same name. Since then, this detachable padlock watch has made it possible to wear time on the wrist or anywhere else you fancy. 



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