Pre-Black Friday Sale COSMOS Manhattan Only, 2016

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Pre-Black Friday Sale at COSMOS Manhattan Only


 코스모스 맨하탄점에서만 단독으로 진행하는 핫한 세일 소식!!!


- 하이엔드 시계·쥬얼리·자켓·패딩·가방 등 20%에서 최대 50%까지 세일
- 선글라스와 건강 신발은 하나 사면, 하나는 50%에 할인가로 구매
- 경품 추첨 행사


Estée Lauder: Fall Special Gift Event 9/21 -10/8, 2016

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코스모스백화점에서 오는 9월 21일부터 10월 8일까지 총 18일 간 에스티로더 화장품 사은 행사를 진행한다고 전했다. 
본 행사는 “2016 가을 시즌 맞이 사은 행사”로, 에스티로더 화장품 $35 이상 구매시 $140 상당의 화장품 및 파우치를 총 7종 증정한다. 

Premium Big Sale 9/12-25, 2016

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Cosmos department store starts Big Premium Sale, starting from September 12th until September 25th, with prices up to 50% off of retails prices, on a large variety of luxury items, including apparels, bags, accessories, watches, and jewelry. It will be a good opportunity for customers to shop for high-end products, with great price options. The sale will take place simultaneously in all our 3 locations: Cosmos Manhattan, Queens, and New Jersey.


Clinique BONUS Free Gifts Event 8/3-21, 2016

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Shop Clinique products at Cosmos stores located in Manhattan, Flushing, and New Jersey, and receive a free gift bag of selected cosmetic items!

The event starts on August 3rd and lasts until 21st, while same event rules applied in our 3 different store locations.

Cosmos Flushing recently unveiled Cledbel Sun Pack, which is a new type of a sun protecting item, launched last April, 2016 in South Korea. Cledbel Sun Pack has been making a record of being sold out from one major TV Home shopping network, and is already a big hit in South Korea, as  popular Korean celebrity Ko So-young is representing the brand as a spokesmodel in its’ commercial.

Celebrate your birthday with Cosmos

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It's your birthday, celebrate with Cosmos!

Christian Dior Clearance Sale - NYC Store

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Christian Dior Clearance SALE

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